"She was just a shell of her former self, struggling herself to make a better world. She rejoices in hope and lives for those who comforts her. She needs to be independent, empowered and enlightened. She needs to set new boundaries in life, to make it meaningful. Let’s hold hands a purpose, to empower her, the ones who live in a deprived society to be self-sustainable."

Let’s sew hope!

Sewing Hope is an initiative by Urvi Foundation, developed exclusively for the wellbeing of people in slums in Kerala. It is a community development project, concentrating on the empowerment of womankind. Sewing hope converges on training women, to label them as future entrepreneurs, to encourage them, in finding ways to self-employment and promote themselves by creating small business initiatives. This project focuses on individual wellbeing of the women population on selected areas which in turn, results in the wellbeing of their family and the society they belong to. Through this Project, Urvi is attempting to infuse colours to the lives of those people, who belong to the slum neighbourhoods across the state. With this thought, we are extending our hands to the underprivileged population to live better through our productive work oriented initiative.